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bhester404's 1970 Chaparral Thunderbird factory racer.

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Here are pictures of Brian's GP246 and SRX440, both of these sleds are FOR SALE.  For information contact Brian,

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3/14/06  Here is Rob's El Tigre after the new suspension install.  There are also pictures comparing it to Chris's Formula. And Rob and Chris Riding  See the forum for information on Rob's suspension.

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I'm sending a couple pics of the machine I terrorized the farmlands, lakes and when it snowed heavily the streets of the tiny town I grew up in in Minnesota.

The pic of the sled on the snowpile was taken in March of '85. The second pic was taken in December of '90.

The '71 Elan was given to me by an old dude down the road who had had a falling out with his middle aged son, and they hadn't spoken in years. It was his son's sled. The only "mods" were ski spreaders which are a must on those old tippy Elans, an HD Tillotson on an adaptor with a velocity stack. The thing was light, I could load it by myself as a skinny teenager in the back of an F250. I could out hillclimb my friends then "new" Yamaha Enticer 340. And I could go between trees they couldn't and go in deep snow where they couldn't either. Half the time the recoil was broken and I just took it off and used a cord wrapped around the sheave to start it. 

A little background- I moved to Florida in June of '85 after finishing high school for a summer job, and employment as a marine diesel tech has kept me in the south near the coasts ever since.

A couple years after I left, my folks sold the place, built a new house on adjacent land they owned, and gave the sled to the teenage son of the new owner. When I came back at Christmas in '90 I rode it again, the guy's son had replaced the original short loopless skis with some larger skis off another sled. 
The funny thing is all the "old leafers" you have were in my time "new hot iron'!

Eric Rylander 

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Eric also sent these pictures titled "Typical Sunday" and "My Right Arm".  Thanks for the pics Eric,

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This is what it looks like in one area of our yard.  This is only a small sample of the parts and snowmobiles laying around.  Currently there are 9 snowmobiles at the house and none of them are in working order.

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The "Kawa-cum-zuki Snomotrike."  Assembled from a Kawasaki 3-Wheeler, a Tecumseh 5hp engine, and a Suzuki Katana transmission from Rob by Chris Weingartz, Craig Burck, Rob Peters, and others.  This was a project that was welded up in a couple of nights.  Fueled mostly by boredom and beer.  I (Chris) actually got pulled over on it once by the Police.  No ticket though, he just made me wait until he left before I started it back up.  The extension cord is because snow-blower engines have electric starters that run on 120V AC.

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Da Ho, a custom CX500 that has undergone surgery for weight reduction and improved handling.  The rear suspension was designed and built by Brian and Chris.  It has been converted to a single side mono shock from a SV650.  In the pictures here, it has the winter tires on it which each have hundreds of carbide studs in them.

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A day of riding in the winter of '03 at the Bluff, Chris Weingartz, Brian Eggart, and Craig Burck.

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Chris Weingartz riding at Boston Pond, Jan 2004, photographer was Mark Bildeaux.

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Riding in January of 2005.  Riders; Chris Weingartz, Mark Klein, and Brian Eggart.  The last six pictures were taken on the top of the Bluff.

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Night jumping in the yard with Jalal.  Yes his tie-rod was busted during the jumps.

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Racing action from the World Championships in Eagle River.  Photos from 2005 and 2006.

2005                                                   2006

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Black Betty (1980 Ski-Doo Blizzard 5500) and Ginger (1977 Yamaha Gp440).  Pictures taken 2005.

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Brian and Chris riding January 2006.

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Photos submitted by Toocheaptosmoke.

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Photos submitted by JAGSFOLIFE

FRESH SNOW.jpg (155379 bytes) MINOCQUA TRIP 001.jpg (1107001 bytes) sc&clae.jpg (699056 bytes) 76 srx 001.jpg (150919 bytes) A-1 SNOWMOBILE SHOW 015.jpg (147718 bytes)

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Club Ride February 4th 2006, pictures courtesy of Rob.  Last ride for Black Betty, her guts have been transplanted into an '85 formula (see below).

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Street carnage, Chris hit Craig, the ski pressed on the clutch hard enough to stall Craig's motor.  Taken Wednesday of Carnival February 8, 2006.

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Pictures of the 503 Rotax and 1997 Sc-10 Rear skid and 121" track into the 1985 Formula chassis.  Neither of these major mods was a simple task.  The engine took some measuring and drilling and welding an extension on the motor plate.  Now it fits but there is only about 1/2" of clearance between the spark plugs and the hood and the left carb is only about .25" from the secondary clutch  The rear suspension was originally installed on my Blizzard.  To put it in the Blizzard, Rob and I had to break / cut / press the old drivers off of the drive axle.  Then we pressed on some Polaris drivers that we found.  This was a feat since the bore on them was about .1500" too small.  A 30 ton press and lots of lube made it a trivial task.  Then due to the wider tunnel on the Blizzard than the Mx-Z, we had to turn spacers on the lathe and find some longer bolts.  Turned out the measurement between the two suspension mounting points was critical.  So we had to find out what they were on the Z.  Rob, Brian, and I went for a ride and found a sled we could measure the spacing on.  Thanks for providing the sleds Rob.  Once we moved the rear mounting point, all was well.  So when it came time to swap it into the Formula, I just used the axle from the Blizzard and the spacers worked as well.  A big shout out to Rob Peters and Dan's Polaris for making all of my sleds possible.

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This Styer Puch Pinzgauer 6x6 belongs to The Adventure Mining Co. Check out their website and then go check out the Mine Tours.

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The cylinder head toss, Brian, Rob, and Brian Dow. The head was from the Katana used in building the Snomotrike.

Cylinder head toss.JPG (494247 bytes) cylinder head toss 3.JPG (310679 bytes) Cylinde head toss 2.JPG (460530 bytes)


Brian's Jeep hiding in the bushes, and Brian and Rob's Jeeps on the stamp sand.

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Pictures of random things done in the off-season.  Like most things, all Jeeps should be topless right?  Burning the tire off of "Da Ho" (not daho).  Guns.  Little Lake motorcycle show, Rat class.  Riding Rob's Victory Hammer.

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Added 3/14/06

Chris vs. Rob - Drag Race #1

Chris vs. Rob - Drag Race #2

Chris vs. Rob - Race #3 Switched Sleds

Rob Peters - Messing Around in the Street


Chris Anton - Yard Ride, who needs a helmet when you have safety hair?

Chris Weingartz - Small Drop  

Chris Weingartz - Drop / Climb  

Chris Weingartz - Fall out of sight

Mark Klein - Blizzard 7500 Jump 

Chris Weingartz - Small Jump  

Mark Klein - Blizzard 7500 Jump 2  

Chris Weingartz - Side Hill

Mark Klein - Drive By  

Chris Weingartz - High Speed Fly-By  

Chris Weingartz - Little Carves 

Tourists - Climbing the bluff  

Mark Klein -  The Mine Drop 

Chris Weingartz - Small Jump  

Brian Eggart - Jumping into the yard.  

Chris Weingartz - Getting Stuck  

JAGSFOLIFE - Water Crossing  

JAGSFOLIFE - Water Crossing 

JAGSFOLIFE - Long Water Crossing





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